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Airfix Collectors Guides

For the Collector - A complete listing of Airfix kit production from 1949, through the Palitoy and Humbrol years, to 1990. Available in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Lists over 800 kits - description, catalogue number, year of first release, re-release and re-numbering information. Also provided is a scarcity or rarity indication. Many kits have additional individual comments. Space is provided in the spreadsheet for the collector to add comments and to "tick-off" kits in their collection. A small charge is made for production and the mailing of a CD-ROM - sorry the file is too large for e-mail or downloading. I believe this listing is more complete and accurate than any other currently available. Click here for ordering information. Click here for sample screen-shot.
New: June 2002 - now available on CD-ROM! The CD-ROM also includes this complete web-site - get a copy and browse your favourite Airfix site at CD-ROM speeds. Latest release now includes Airfix Collectors Guide Volume 2 - the years 1981 to 1990.

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Buying Collections

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I often buy individual kits or complete collections. If you have something to sell, please let me know and I will always offer a reasonable price for it. Unfortunately, I cannot hope to offer the sort of prices that the specialist dealers sell for. But they have businesses to run, overheads, staff, premises etc. and their prices reflect this. Please be aware that prices for Airfix kits amongst private collectors are normally under half of what dealers would sell the same kits for. Auction prices are simply silly. For my personal view of Airfix kit values - click here

If you have a kit or collection that you would like to sell, please send me details. Remember - amongst collectors it is the age of the kit that generally decides the value, not necessarily the subject matter (unless it is a very rare kit). If at all possible please provide the catalogue number from the box-end or (even better) the packaging style (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 etc). See my Packaging Styles page for an easy way to recognise box styles.

To avoid misunderstandings, I value kits using a combination of (1) my own experience - the kind of prices often seen at UK Toy Fairs and (2) John Burn's Collectors Value Guide.
As above, I DO NOT value kits using eBay as a guide.

High airmail/postage costs normally prevent purchases from the US or Australia, sorry.