Finding that Kit & Airfix kit values

Almost from the first day I created this site, I've been receiving e-mails from people interested in Airfix, modelling or kit collecting. Most of these e-mails have been of the type " you know where I can find a xxx kit ?..." I'm glad to say that I have been of help to a few people and have located and supplied their kits to them.

However, in recent years the situation has changed. The specialist professional kit Dealers now have their own web sites, and hundreds of Airfix kits are always for sale on eBay. It has become much easier to locate that rare kit using the internet. I also find that I have much less time available to spend searching for kits so, regrettably, I must close down this "kit finder" service.

Airfix Sources in the UK
The following link is to my own list of Airfix sources in the UK (
Link temporarily removed - please contact me for details - Please remember that the shops, traders and dealers in this list are there because they are known to stock old, collectable, kits. If you want a new Airfix kit, then there are many High Street shops and other outlets.

My thoughts on Airfix kit values

Featured below are a selection of mythical kits that you definitely will not be able to find:
Mill Engine kit - 33k file
The Mill Engine was shown on the side panels of the Museum Series kits (Trevithick's Engine, Beam Engine etc). As far as I know, there was no such kit. It appears to be some kind of Airfix plan that never happened.
Footballers - 30k file
Another Airfix myth - the HO/OO footballers. Some say that Airfix released this set in a plastic bag after the 1966 World Cup. Or maybe it's not a fantasy... have you got a set?
(This picture was made by Mario Wens using the REAL 1/32 scale Footballers set). Note: there was a 1/32 scale Footballers set. The myth is that there was also a HO/OO set
Mythical Juniper aircraft
Seen recently on the internet - a made up Miles Juniper which is obviously a very highly edited Type 2 Hawker Hart kit!
Frond - 35k file
Spot the Thierry La Fronde set amongst these genuine Airfix HO/OO figure sets?

And finally, what collecting is all about :  
A scene from a true Airfix collectors house. Not mine, but Mario Wens from The Netherlands. Mario is always on the look out for Airfix display stands and other display material. If you have any, please let me know. A collector's horde - 40k file

Airfix kit values
I receive many e-mails asking me to provide a value on either a collection or a single kit. Unfortunately, in a collector's world this is very difficult. The value of any kit is only what somebody else is prepared to pay for it. Some people do try to provide an estimate of value of some rare kits, for example Steve Knight's missing Chapter of his book Let's Stick Together was a discussion on Kitmaster kit values (the missing chapter was subsequently published as a article in Model Rail magazine). Steve succeeds very well, but there are two other attempts to value kits that don't really work

So what advice can I give? How do you know if that old-looking kit you have just found in the attic is just a dirty pile of plastic bits or a rare Collectable worth hundreds of pounds? Here's my view of things: