Airfix Toys & Games

In addition to the very famous Kit ranges, Airfix also produced a considerable number of Toys, Games and Craft sets. These were often alluded to on the back cover of their kit catalogues. However, the Toys and Games range had its own catalogue, pictures of which are shown below. Some Airfix products crossed the boundary between kits and toys - notably the HO/OO figure sets and the HO/OO (and 1/32) ready-made polythene vehicles, which appeared in both catalogues. The Motor Racing sets also started with the toys before moving to their own catalogues.
Toy Cat - 16k fileThe 1965-66 Airfix Toy catalogue - hardly an exciting cover! Toy Cat - 25k fileA view inside the 1965-66 catalogue. The set at the bottom left is the very rare Farm Set. Although it seemed part of the "playset" range, this product only appeared with the toys. The other playsets moved across to the kit catalogues.
Arts & Crafts Cat - 25k fileThe Arts & Crafts catalogue from 1975. A bit more colour, at least ! Toys & Games Cat - 30k fileand the Toys & Games catalogue from the same year (1975)

Some pictures below from 1975 toy range. Click here for a larger picture of the Toy range, including the very famous FN Rifle, Colditz Glider, Junior Driver, Flight Deck, and more!

Baby picture - 20k file Games - 50k file Weebles - 50k file

The following picture section shows a sample of Airfix toys over the years....

Lockbricks - 18k file
Lockbricks - a top-up set for the range of three sets of "Airfix Builder" issued circa mid 50s to early 60s. This range was replaced by the much better "Betta Bilda". Airfix Building Set accessory pack shown opposite. Information contributed by Mike Pike. Click here for the Building Set picture gallery
Building - 23k file
Bagatelle - 25k file
Tricycle - 22k file
Lift Off - 43k file
Ship in Bottle - 27k file
U-Control Plane - 22k fileBachmann aircraft - 12k file
U-Control aircraft and Airfix-Bachmann "mini-plane"
Flight Deck - 45k file
Waterloo wargame - 23k file
Got a Minute - 36k file
Homepride Fred character Salt n Pepper set - 15k file
Airfix "Fred" characters from the British TV Homepride flour adverts. This is a salt and pepper set.
Mystery of the Pharaohs Game - 25k file
Data Car toy - 45k file
Pinhead game - 25k file
Violin - 25k file
apologies - somebody sent me this picture, but e-mail accidentally deleted
Atomic Man - 22k file

Many of the above pictures were contributed by Paolo Ruggeri of Italy.
1975 Arts & Crafts and Toys & Games catalogue pictures contributed by Mario Wens of The Netherlands.

Got a Minute game picture contributed by D.Porter
Other pictures "stolen" from the internet - I hope the owners don't mind !

Contribution from Phil Hubbard - Flight Deck Toy (see picture above). An explanation of the difference between the Flight Deck and the "Super" : The difference between the Flight Deck and Super Flight Deck was that the Super FD had just one length of line without the pulley system. The Phantom jet was catapulted up the line from the deck in a similar fashion to real aircraft carriers. A mechanism in the top of the Phantom allowed it to spin around 180 degrees and the weight in the nose then brought it back down the nylon line to land in a similar fashion on the deck. Instead of flags being raised on either side of the deck, a yellow trap door was raised behind the plane when it landed successfully. See also extensive information on the Flight Deck toy at

Contribution by Mike Payne : "You are no doubt aware that Airfix brought out the Airfix Supercopter in the seventies, it is a ready made toy helicopter with twin rotors, and which was fixed to a counterbalanced thin tubular shaft which was attached to a central revolving pivot.
The rotors each had their own electric motor, and as the helicopter was in effect weightless because it was counterbalanced, the user could make it rise by pressing both buttons on a remote control, or could make it go forwards or backwards by pressing either the LH or RH button independently. It was very realistic and manoeuvrable in flight. It was their best selling toy for two years or so, and from which I enjoyed a commission.
It may be of interest to you that I was the inventor of this toy, for which I have a framed patent certificate, I also have a Supercopter still in its box unopened, this box is in another plain transport cardboard carton. I also have photographs of the working prototype that I provided to Airfix from which they designed the production Supercopter."

Toys Advert - 60k file