Airfix Instruction Sheets

My hobby is collecting Airfix kit instruction sheets, particularly the old plastic bag header cards like the ones below:
JU88 Header Card - 10k file 25 Pounder Header Card - 12K file B-192 Header Card - 12k File Demon Header card - 12k File

Airfix Instruction Sheet Service

Notice of September 2011. Please read first:

As this website is no longer being maintained, the Instruction Sheet service described below has been withdrawn. Please do not contact me with offers of instruction sheets. Also, I will no longer respond to requests for Airfix instructions sheets.

Hornby offer a free instruction sheet and parts service for all current Airfix kits. If you are not a member of the Airfix Collectors Club, please contact Hornby for your missing part or instruction sheet.

Members of the Airfix Collectors Club, please read on:

I maintain a reasonable stock of instruction sheets from the Airfix boxed kits. I am happy to offer an Instruction Sheet service to any Club Member who is in need. Please just e-mail your request and I'll see what I can do. Click here for a sample list of available sheets.
But I need YOUR help to make this work - previously, I offered to scan my sheets and e-mail the images to anybody who was desperate for an old instruction sheet. Experience has shown that this doesn't work, so I am no longer offering this facility. Why? Three main reasons - (1) for the small-print instructions to be readable the scanned file sizes were proving to be huge, (2) Airfix instruction sheets tend never to be a nice A4 (US Letter) size. They are all odd-ball sizes, often opening up bigger than A4 and hence extremely difficult to scan in any reasonable manner, and (3) the early sheets were printed on very flimsy paper, which is almost transparent to the bright light of a scanner, hence very difficult not to get the reserve side showing through.
So, I now only offer a mail service for original hardcopy instruction sheets.
But this means I will be constantly using up my stock - which is where you come in ! I will need people to volunteer and send me any Airfix instruction sheets that they no longer need. Please donate them to this good cause ! In this way I might be able to replenish my stock. Anything you have - you might think it just a worthless piece of paper - but somebody out there may have a kit that cannot be finished due to lack of instructions.
The deal -
1. In the Airfix collector's world, instruction sheets do not change hands for money. I will mail an instruction sheet to anywhere in the world -  all I ask is a donation to postage costs. This is normally via a suitably sized SAE
2. I cannot offer any particular style of sheet, there are just too many. Please don't ask for a sheet from a particular year. If there are different versions of the kit, that's fine, I'll try to keep appropriate versions of the sheets. But if you have a 1970s kit, I might just send a 1980s instruction sheet. It should be OK !
3. I will refund the postage costs for anybody sending me instruction sheets. Please be generous, otherwise this scheme will not work
4. This service will not normally extend to plastic bag Header Cards as they are collectors items, and often do change hands for money

e-mail me at

Airfix Instruction Sheets over the decades
click here
Lowmac and JCM - large image - 60K The reverse side from the "Lowmac and JCB" kit instruction sheet. The kit was issued between 1963 and 1968 under Catalogue number R204, and is now quite rare. I remember making this kit as a boy. Ah, memories!

Under Construction
Some time soon, I'll add some information to this section on how the Airfix instruction sheet style evolved over time.
In the meantime, try the Airfix Instruction Sheet history and discussion document from Mike Dean on my Downloads page.
Click here for one of the nicest Airfix instruction booklets of all time ! (beware, large image)