Dave's Airfix Picture Quiz !

No prizes, but test your knowledge with the questions below. Click on the pictures for the answers. Good Luck !
Name this kit, not originally an Airfix mould. From whom did Airfix acquire this model? Name this kit, extra points for identifying the type of packaging shown here
What kit is this ? This is the front cover of which Airfix Catalogue?
Which car kit is this ? Which ship kit is shown here?
History Series ? What Airfix product is this, and why is it a bit unusual ? A valuable collectors item, these days. But only in this livery. What kit ? What airline ?
Every Airfix collector would love one of these. What kit is it and when was it first released ? So easy ! What aircraft model is this, and what type of box style ?
OK, so it's a 1/72 scale HS Harrier kit. But what is wrong with this picture ? One point for identifying the Airfix affiliate company, 10,000 points for correctly identifying the kit (without cheating !)
On what Airfix product range was this logo used ? An Airfix 1/12 scale figure kit. Who is this ?
Name this kit please ! What kit, and what packaging type ?

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