Featured Kits

I will use this page to periodically feature some nostaglic Airfix artwork. It may not be classic, but it should be a trip down memory lane!

New Set August 2004 - a fascinating selection of German Plasty early issues (pictures supplied by Claus Wilker)

Set 1 - a selection of 1/72 aircraft kits in Type 3 and Type 4 plastic bags & boxes (pictures supplied by Bjorn K Hansen):

Set 2 - Some of the rarer examples of 1950s plastic bag kits with "Type 1" Header Cards. The Series 2 kits (Walrus and Mosquito) are now especially scarce

Set 3 - some very early 1950s Airfix HO/OO Trackside kits with Type 1 Header Cards.

The fourth set of images are from the Airfix 1/600 warship range, plus the RMS Queen Elizabeth. All are 1960s "Type 2" box styles, artists unknown

QE1 - 30k file

Some other classic Airfix ships